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Welcome To Dow's Rollarena
Welcome to Dow's Rollarena's little space on the net! Dow's Rollarena is the only original roller skating rink in Nelsonville Ohio! We have been providing family fun and entertainment for over 50 years now and we show no signs of stopping! Here at Dow's, you can book parties, buy your very own set of roller skates, hang out with your friends, meet new friends, play our games, and even get some exorcise while having fun! There is just tons to do here at Dow's Rollarena. So come and be part of all this fun! We hope to see you there!
Our Services
$4.00 on Thursdays and Sundays. $5.00 on Saturdays admission plus $2.00 for skate rentals. If you have your own skates, you will not need to rent, but you will be required to show your skates for inspection.
Parties & Renting
Throughout the year, Dow's hosts parties anyone can come to. Dow's Rollarena can be rented for parties and other occasions $100.00: For a 2 hours. (You can bring your own drinks and food.)
We have a few fun and exciting games that are done on roller skates.

Dice Game: You will skate around, and when the music stops, go to a number hanging on the walls. The dice will roll and whatever number it lands on, those people are out of the game and must sit down till the end. The winner will get a free pop and chips.

Cone Game: Two cones are placed side bt side in the middle of the arena. You must skate over them without knocking them over. As the game progresses, the cones will get farther and farther apart, making your legs spread apart more and more.

Limbo: Test your skills doing Limbo on roller skates. Whoever can go the lowest without knocking over the stick or using your hands will win a prize.

Tootsie Roll Scramble: Everyone will line up on the black line in the middle of the floor. Tootsie rolls will be thrown out in the middle of the floor and at the sound of the whistle, everyone goes to get as many tootsie rolls as you can.
Other Fun Activities
Dance: Do the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, or Electric Slide on roller skates or socks in the middle of the rink.

Good Exercise: Roller skating is a good way to get out and get some exercise!